Daily journal from your new tab.

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Why Ponder?

Just Install and Write

Ponder is an extension, which means there's no need to open a separate app and remember to write everday. Just open up a new tab and begin writing.

Daily Prompts

Deciding what to write is hard. That's why we give you things to write about each day! Just let our prompts guide you through journaling, or write your own thing!

Optional Cloud Storage

We get that writing is deeply personal, so we built Ponder around it. We store entries on YOUR browser, or securely on the cloud but only if you want to.


Everyone has a different way of writing. Customize your writing to make the perfect combo!

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Ponder guides you through daily journaling right from your new tab.

With self-reflective prompts, fast keyboard shortcuts, aesthetic backgrounds, and privately-stored entries, you can just focus on writing — Ponder takes care of the rest.

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Our users love Ponder

  • I love love love this

    I love love love this idea especially during the pandemic where everything happens from out of laptops. It's so easy to get lost working, learning, or even being entertained but this plugin helps to bring you back to self-awareness. My excuse for not journaling before was that my journal was too far away but with this plugin, I have no excuse- I am always on my laptop, so, I know that I'll always see the journal prompts. Rreally really great initiative! Thank you!

  • Love this extension and the UI!

    Love this extension and the UI! The thoughtful prompts really make me think and reflect, and I use this daily to write down whatever thoughts come to mind at any point in the day. I used to rarely journal but having it on my Chrome homepage makes it so easy and fun!

  • Such cute and clean design!

    Such cute and clean design! I wanted to get into bullet journaling, but couldn't find the motivation to physically whip out a notebook everyday. Ponder integrates into my daily life and sets the mood for a productive day!

Kevin Fang

Kevin Fang

Amanda Deng

Amanda Deng


As busy college students, we've both found it hard to write and journal daily. We hope this journaling extension will help you daily journal! Suggestions, feedback? We love talking to people and learning more about people's ideas and projects. Feel free to email us!